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What guys want. November 29, 2011

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What guys want.   

Worried your guy or won’t be feelin’ your natural kinks, twist, or curls? My former guy told me he doesn’t prefer the fro on me but that didn’t stop me from rocking it! I mean really ladies stop trying to please these guys and please yourself. Men love a confident woman and I’m most confident when I rock a big fluffy fro. That’s just me. I’m sure you have heard “I  think natural hair is unique, but my preference is straight hair.” That’s cool..  Another guy told me to never to straighten my hair. Some guys like the natural look and some guys  like the straight hair. It’s all beautiful to me. The right one won’t care how your hair is so do whatever makes you feel Micheal Jackson bad.

Whether they like it…


Or not.

Embrace you,

Miss Malone



Tangles November 30, 2011

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Tangles. My natural ladies definitely know something about these knots. Thirty minutes after I detangle my hair my coils are sure to find themselves twisted upon another. That’s just how it works. There’s really no way to be tangle free. But there are some tips on how to reduce the amount of tangles you do have.



#1- When washing your hair it’s best for you to wash it in sections. You can do this by simply putting your hair in about 4 to 6 braids or twist. Then detangle each section with a wide tooth comb or detangler. Detangle when conditioner is applied. This makes it easier for you to get rid of all those knots.

#2- Keep your hair moisturized always. Keeping your hair moisturized will prevent breakage, brittle hair, and also the amount of tangles you have.

#3-Try not to detangle your hair dry. However if you must detangle your hair dry be sure to use a moisturizer or sebum to prevent breakage.

#4- Don’t play in your hair. I have that problem. I love to twist my fingers in my hair and I ALWAYS run across a tangle. Then I end up trying to undo the tangle which leads to me pulling out my hair. Which is totally unnecessary because the hair knotted is most likely dead hair that I can easily take out when I detangle my hair during a wash easily. Just don’t do it!

#5-Twist outs and Braid outs will also minimize the amount of tangles your hair will have because your hair is stretched out. The more your hair is stretched the less tangles you have.

#6- Wear protective styles. Wearing protective styles like braids twist even a faux bun will leave you out of your hair and will also prevent tangles because it keeps the hair in its place.

# 7- Try to not to worry about your  tangles, but make sure you detangle your hair often enough so that it will too get matted. Nobody wants that.



Product of the day. (Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme)

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Miko and Titi Branch founders of Miss Jessie’s natural hair products were at a panel called Women in the Media at my school Howard University. It was such a phenomenal panel filled with young black succesful women entrepeneurs. (Very inspiring and informative) After this panel the Branch sister’s left us with a full container of  their 32 dollar Curly Buttercreme  for free! So of course I tried it on my hair and I absolutely fell in love. This buttercreme is so creamy and has a very delightful minty aroma. Curly Buttercreme is a great moisturizer for my hair. Every morning I put just a little through out my hair and then throw a shower cap or bonnet and jump in a hot shower so that the humidity can get to my hair. The mixture of the buttercreme and the humidity makes my hair very soft and fuller. Every night i smooth some through out my hair and throw a bonnet on and to sleep I go. Simply, Easy, Just right for me.


I’ve only tried a braid out and a simple pull back puff with this moisturizer. The braid out turned out cute. The buttercreme left my crinkles crisp, soft, and shiny. I can’t wait to do a twist out with it! This creme is perfect for putting together that clean puff. It just smoothed out my edges for a classic puff.

For all hair types

Unlike most products Curly Buttercreme is great for all natural hairtypes from 3B to 4C.


Healthy you, Healthy hair. November 29, 2011

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Living a healthy life style leads to healthy hair. Of course retaining moisture, trimming split ends, and using protective styles play a major role in having healthy hair but exercising, eating right, and maintaining a low stress level is also a big factor in having that healthy hair. Plus, you will feel more energized to flaunt that beautiful hair!
THE DO’s and DON’T
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking causes hair to become brittle and fall out. The gases and chemicals from the smoke that are being carried in your cells ultimately take away the oxygen and nutrients needed for your hair to grow healthy. Giving up smoking will actually reverse all the side effects and recover your hair.
  • Don’t excessively consume alcohol. Alcohol abuse leads to poor nutritional habits. This plays a role in hair loss because these bad habits leads to the lack in minerals you need for your hair to grow. It’s okay to have a little to drink. Have fun! The key is not to abuse the substance.
  • Don’t stress. Just chillll… stress just drains nutrients from your body your hair needs!
  • Do eat up. Foods like eggs, beef, brown rice and salmon are great for acquiring healthy hair. These foods maintain a good source of protein, calcium, and carbohydrates that will give you energy through out the entire day.
  • Do stay hydrated. Your body must stay hydrated in order to work sufficiently. 8 cups of water a day would be the best, however any liquid would do good as well. This all works out to produce a healthier you and healthier hair.
  • Do take your vitamins. Vitamin A, E, and C are great for growing healthy hair. Vitamin A helps maintain moisture, Vitamin E circulates blood flow to the scalp, and Vitamin C prevents the loss of hair.
  • Do massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp brings blood flow to your scalp helping you grow healthy hair. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair!
  • Do exercise. Exercise reduces stress which is a hazardous factor in hair loss. So get fit and gorgeous hair.
I just like this picture!
Embrace your health
Miss Malone.


Stuck with the puff? Natural Hairstyles November 24, 2011

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Every natural girl has been stuck on the puff. Yes you know. Slick them edges down and throw on a scunchee and out the door you go. This style is cute and simple but don’t get stuck with the puff. I used to wear my hair like that every day. But with all these cute natural hairstyles on youtube, blogs and sites there is no excuse for wearing a puff EVERYDAY. Braids, braid outs, twist, twist outs, blow outs, curlformers, flexirods, pins are a naturals chick bestfriend!

 Check out these cute hairstyles!

Some of my hairstyles!

Mini Twist!

Mini Twist out!

Braid out on blow out hair!

Just Playing with some pins on a twist out!

two week old braid out!

Fro hawk!

Blow out!

Eco Stylinn!

Soooooooo much more you can doo. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Embrace your natural!


(Poetic Justice) braids November 22, 2011

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 I have fallen in love with this 90s hairstyle I call Poetic Justice braids. Solange have been rocking this hairstyle and I can’t wait to get me some. These braids are a perfect way to protect your hair and retain growth. Plus their super cute.

 Miss Jackson looking so fresh with her long bulky braids.


Embrace your Natural


Growing Natural Hair

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With the right care any body’s hair can grow long. Here are some quick tips on how to grow and retain natural hair growth.

1. Keep hair moisturized 
2. Use shampoos and conditioners without sulfate
3. Eat right. (Can take biotin)
4. Never detangle hair while it’s dry
5. Wear protective styles
6. Lay off the heat
7. Trim split ends only if needed
8. Wash hair to prevent your pores from getting clogged
9. Sleep with protection (bonnet, scarf etc.) 
10. Don’t pay attention to the length or it will take FOREVER. Be patient.    

Mae is a natural hair vlogger and blogger. This is her natural journey! Two years natural!

She has been my inspiration. Check out her Youtube Channel.

Mae’s whole natural journey

Last Year.



Embrace your journey!