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Curls, Coils, Waves, oh my! November 21, 2011

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Ladies are saying goodbye to their relaxers and are going natural! Every natural is different. Whether it’s waves, coils, curls, loose or tight it’s all BEAUTIFUL! Figure out what hair type is most consisted with your hair below.

1 Straight

2A,B Fine thin S shaped

Type 2 Wavy Hair

3A,B- Big Loose Curls, S shaped

Type 3 Curly Hair

3C- Tight Curls, Very tight curls are fine in texture. Curls like corkscrew.

Type 3c Kinky Curly Hair

4A- Tightly coiled hair that, when stretched, has an S pattern

4B- Z crinkle instead coil or curl

Type 4 Kinky Hair

Now that you figured out what your hair type is most consistent with it will be easier to know what products, hair regimes, and styles may work best for you!

Embrace every moment of your natural experience

MiSS Malone


3 Responses to “Curls, Coils, Waves, oh my!”

  1. Mommy Says:

    That was very inspirational i really love how you showed diversity and incorporated Moesha i am a huge Brandy fan excellent job and your hair is beautiful!!

  2. hefavorsus Says:

    Reblogged this on hefavorsus and commented:
    God didn’t make no mistake when gavve us these kinks coils and curls. their beautiful

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