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Do I have to do the BIG CHOP? (transitioning) November 22, 2011

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Ladies don’t be skeptical about going natural just because you think you have to chop all of your hair off. There are other ways to transition other than the big chop. Once you stop getting relaxers and your natural hair starts to grow in your relaxed hair will most likely break off in the process, especially if you have a 4 A, B, or C hair type. The best way to transition is by using PROTECTIVE styles. Protective styles consist of  braids, twist, and even weaves. These styles are also great ways to grow your hair strong and healthy because contains the moisture your hair needs.

                                                                 Solange Rocks Moesha braids. Gotta Love it!  


Microbraids were my best friend!

 Pounds and Pounds of Weave!

                     Me and my bestie! Same weave just after wetted. (BOHYME Brazillian wave) Try to get a weave that some what

matches your your hair type.

I know scary, half relaxer half natural.

Me and my dad. Cut all off when the first day I came to Howard.



So there you go! You don’t have to do the big shop to go natural braid, twist, weave it up until your ready to let loose! Honestly I wish I would have done the big chop and wore my curls short and cute. Don’t cancel the Big Chop out. Embrace your natural!

Miss Malone


2 Responses to “Do I have to do the BIG CHOP? (transitioning)”

  1. Mommylovesnaturalhair Says:

    That was very inspirational i really love how you showed diversity and incorporated Moesha i am a huge Brandy fan excellent job and your hair is beautiful!!


  2. prestigest Says:

    Reblogged this on prestigest and commented:
    i love a girl with natural hair. sexy

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