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Stuck with the puff? Natural Hairstyles November 24, 2011

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Every natural girl has been stuck on the puff. Yes you know. Slick them edges down and throw on a scunchee and out the door you go. This style is cute and simple but don’t get stuck with the puff. I used to wear my hair like that every day. But with all these cute natural hairstyles on youtube, blogs and sites there is no excuse for wearing a puff EVERYDAY. Braids, braid outs, twist, twist outs, blow outs, curlformers, flexirods, pins are a naturals chick bestfriend!

 Check out these cute hairstyles!

Some of my hairstyles!

Mini Twist!

Mini Twist out!

Braid out on blow out hair!

Just Playing with some pins on a twist out!

two week old braid out!

Fro hawk!

Blow out!

Eco Stylinn!

Soooooooo much more you can doo. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Embrace your natural!


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