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Healthy you, Healthy hair. November 29, 2011

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Living a healthy life style leads to healthy hair. Of course retaining moisture, trimming split ends, and using protective styles play a major role in having healthy hair but exercising, eating right, and maintaining a low stress level is also a big factor in having that healthy hair. Plus, you will feel more energized to flaunt that beautiful hair!
THE DO’s and DON’T
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking causes hair to become brittle and fall out. The gases and chemicals from the smoke that are being carried in your cells ultimately take away the oxygen and nutrients needed for your hair to grow healthy. Giving up smoking will actually reverse all the side effects and recover your hair.
  • Don’t excessively consume alcohol. Alcohol abuse leads to poor nutritional habits. This plays a role in hair loss because these bad habits leads to the lack in minerals you need for your hair to grow. It’s okay to have a little to drink. Have fun! The key is not to abuse the substance.
  • Don’t stress. Just chillll… stress just drains nutrients from your body your hair needs!
  • Do eat up. Foods like eggs, beef, brown rice and salmon are great for acquiring healthy hair. These foods maintain a good source of protein, calcium, and carbohydrates that will give you energy through out the entire day.
  • Do stay hydrated. Your body must stay hydrated in order to work sufficiently. 8 cups of water a day would be the best, however any liquid would do good as well. This all works out to produce a healthier you and healthier hair.
  • Do take your vitamins. Vitamin A, E, and C are great for growing healthy hair. Vitamin A helps maintain moisture, Vitamin E circulates blood flow to the scalp, and Vitamin C prevents the loss of hair.
  • Do massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp brings blood flow to your scalp helping you grow healthy hair. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair!
  • Do exercise. Exercise reduces stress which is a hazardous factor in hair loss. So get fit and gorgeous hair.
I just like this picture!
Embrace your health
Miss Malone.


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