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What guys want. November 29, 2011

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What guys want.   

Worried your guy or won’t be feelin’ your natural kinks, twist, or curls? My former guy told me he doesn’t prefer the fro on me but that didn’t stop me from rocking it! I mean really ladies stop trying to please these guys and please yourself. Men love a confident woman and I’m most confident when I rock a big fluffy fro. That’s just me. I’m sure you have heard “I  think natural hair is unique, but my preference is straight hair.” That’s cool..  Another guy told me to never to straighten my hair. Some guys like the natural look and some guys  like the straight hair. It’s all beautiful to me. The right one won’t care how your hair is so do whatever makes you feel Micheal Jackson bad.

Whether they like it…


Or not.

Embrace you,

Miss Malone



One Response to “What guys want.”

  1. Reblogged this on curiositykill and commented:
    yessssss. aint worried bout no man.

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