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Product of the day. (Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme) November 30, 2011

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Miko and Titi Branch founders of Miss Jessie’s natural hair products were at a panel called Women in the Media at my school Howard University. It was such a phenomenal panel filled with young black succesful women entrepeneurs. (Very inspiring and informative) After this panel the Branch sister’s left us with a full container of  their 32 dollar Curly Buttercreme  for free! So of course I tried it on my hair and I absolutely fell in love. This buttercreme is so creamy and has a very delightful minty aroma. Curly Buttercreme is a great moisturizer for my hair. Every morning I put just a little through out my hair and then throw a shower cap or bonnet and jump in a hot shower so that the humidity can get to my hair. The mixture of the buttercreme and the humidity makes my hair very soft and fuller. Every night i smooth some through out my hair and throw a bonnet on and to sleep I go. Simply, Easy, Just right for me.


I’ve only tried a braid out and a simple pull back puff with this moisturizer. The braid out turned out cute. The buttercreme left my crinkles crisp, soft, and shiny. I can’t wait to do a twist out with it! This creme is perfect for putting together that clean puff. It just smoothed out my edges for a classic puff.

For all hair types

Unlike most products Curly Buttercreme is great for all natural hairtypes from 3B to 4C.


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